Hello! I am Swarnima Telang, a techie moonlighting as an illustrator. Married to a person who keeps me sane, makes sure I am getting my daily dose of laughter and keeps inspiring me to see the brighter side of life. I am a self-taught artist and when I am not drawing I love dreaming, traveling, reading Ruskin Bond. And not to miss, I love to dance...in my mind I am a great choreographer.

Inspiration behind It’s a Happy World!

 I always loved drawing but never thought of sharing it online. Few years back, when I actively started using social-media, I always looked for some good vibe and positive content which was not easily available at one place. That's where the idea of itsahappyworld came. I thought why not create a page to share the good vibe and happy content, to make people realise that how simple things around us add beauty to our lives, how simple pleasures feed the soul, that very little is required to be happy and sometimes reminding them of good old days when we had less but still we were content. The sole intention of this page is to give the reader 5 minutes of happiness and delight while they are reading the post.

Idea behind the It’s a Happy World! store is that my designs and illustrations find a new place in your homes and add splash of colors to your walls, dining halls, and in your heart forever.