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Be the best version of you - by Yamini Bhatt

We are comparative by nature and social media has added spice to it. But in the midst of continuously comparing whose status is what? Who is getting how many likes? Whose DP is what? Who has more followers? We are losing ourselves. One of the very dear quote by Ruskin Bond “As children we are all individualists; it is only as we grow older that we acquire a certain grey similarity to each other.” We are clicking photos not because we are enjoying clicking but we are in a hurry to post it on insta, facebook or whatsapp. We are putting photos on father’s or mother’s day without realizing what might my friend who has lost her mother or father will...

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The Sketch - by Sonal Goel

I was sitting near the boarding gate at Vizag airport when I saw a man sitting in the front row fully engrossed in his reading material. To me he looked very familiar face. I knew I had seen that guy somewhere on the TV/you tube but couldn't recall. After spending like 10-15 mins on Google, I got to know that he was Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, the famous stand up comedian.  I was in a dilemma If I should go and talk to him. But then I thought of this idea. We boarded the flight. Fortunately he was sitting two seats away. I drew his sketch and called him from behind. Hey are you Jeeveshu. Smilingly he said yes. I gave him...

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