The Beach Vibe - by Poorva Sapre

The Beach Vibe - by Poorva Sapre

I love beaches. I am a beach person. I stay in Mumbai; my native place is in Konkan. So may be beaches are so close to my heart. The sand, the waves, and the relaxing sound of waves.  It takes away all the sorrows. The feeling that you are near the beach and you can hear the soothing sound of the waves or you are on the beach is always A GOOD VIBE for me. The sunset on the beach, Sunrise on the beach, the bhel, shevpuri and chat on the beach is just yummiest. So many things…

 This painting depicting  Beach Memories and Good Vibes was made keeping two things in mind which were following:

First one is Remembering Kokan!!

Konkan is my one of the favorite places. As a child I used to visit konkan in every alternate year. Konkan is flawless, beautiful, hushed place. Coconut trees, Banana tress, Mangoes, Jack-fruit various kinds of Ranmeva (fruits, nuts), sea, seashore, shells, heavy rainfall. Those days were innocent and happy. 
Second one:

 I am gravitating towards my next trip to the tropical Island. For natural beauty and lots of peace and love..!! For the new beginnings!! I did this illustration In October 2018; I visited Sri Lanka in January 2019. So it was great experience to be on the beautiful Islands. 

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vaibhav joshi - June 22, 2019

mastaa poorva

Poorva Sapre - June 11, 2019

Thanks a ton to for selecting & posting my story!! :)

Poorva Sapre - June 11, 2019

Thank you so much!
I am glad that you liked my Good Vibe Beach Story!

Yamini - June 10, 2019

Congrtas…Beach has really calming effect…

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