Silence of an early morning

Getting up in the morning has it’s own perks, it not only starts your day on a calmer note as you are not rushing with things but also makes your day longer and you get plenty of time to tick off almost everything from your to do list. Also there are other bonuses of getting up early if you have an eye and ear for it...there is sweet silence in the morning or I should say a sweet calming music of natural sounds chirping of birds- I think in the morning birds sing in  their sweetest voice, 
-rustling of leaves in light morning breeze,
-the atmosphere of morning mist,
-the sweet smell of grass covered in dewdrops,
-the light golden sunlight,
-the rhythm of your breathing and heartbeat (if you pay attention you can actually hear it in morning calmness)
then their are some other ‘not so natural’ sounds that I like in the mornings as they are soothing - like the sound of refrigerator and ceiling fan, a distant sound of hawkers and vendors like newspaper man and milk man who start their day early and gives me an assurance that all is normal and usual. All these things make my morning cheerful and happy , they are like meditation for me even if I don’t get to meditate actually .

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