The Sketch - by Sonal Goel

I was sitting near the boarding gate at Vizag airport when I saw a man sitting in the front row fully engrossed in his reading material. To me he looked very familiar face. I knew I had seen that guy somewhere on the TV/you tube but couldn't recall. After spending like 10-15 mins on Google, I got to know that he was Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, the famous stand up comedian. 
I was in a dilemma If I should go and talk to him. But then I thought of this idea.
We boarded the flight. Fortunately he was sitting two seats away. I drew his sketch and called him from behind.
Hey are you Jeeveshu. Smilingly he said yes. I gave him his sketch and said this is for you. 
He was so delighted to see what I drew for him. He couldn't thank me enough. (He has even thanked me on my insta handler) People sitting next to me and even him started asking me if I have an art gallery or something. It was such an amazing feeling to see that a small sketch can actually make someone so happy and make you feel so proud of yourself.




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  • Yamini

    Congrats Sonal…And yes ur sketch are worth feeling proud…👍💕

  • Stuti Nagar

    Such a lovely gesture. Love to hear this

  • Pranjal

    Superb Talent

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