Be the best version of you - by Yamini Bhatt

We are comparative by nature and social media has added spice to it. But in the midst of continuously comparing whose status is what? Who is getting how many likes? Whose DP is what? Who has more followers? We are losing ourselves. One of the very dear quote by Ruskin Bond “As children we are all individualists; it is only as we grow older that we acquire a certain grey similarity to each other.”

We are clicking photos not because we are enjoying clicking but we are in a hurry to post it on insta, facebook or whatsapp. We are putting photos on father’s or mother’s day without realizing what might my friend who has lost her mother or father will feel by looking this DP or status…in the midst of showing to others somewhere we are missing the empathy in our thinking and doing. Social media is not bad but we have to remind our mind that my competition is not with that artist or doodler or designer, I am not competing to build followers as much as he or she has. I am working for myself; I must love and enjoy the journey.

I am a human being too and many a times I face the same feeling. Why I am not getting more followers though my drawings are better than many other large follower base profiles. I do feel frustrated by comparative thoughts and to overcome it I have this quote illustrated for me once as part of lettering challenge but now it is very precious to me.

“Be the Best Version of You”

More rightly said by Ruskin Bond “No life is more, or less, important or interesting than another - much of it, after all, is lived inside our heads.”

I have personally seen the process of a caterpillar, building a cocoon around, going to the dark for self introspection and working on self. Then after days, it transforms to a beautiful and colourful butterfly. I have passion for photography too and sharing the pictures of cocoon and butterfly in the attachment.

It never compares itself to bird that “why I don’t have wings from beginning, why I have to go into this tiresome process of being in cocoon and developing my wings.” The caterpillar just focuses on itself and tries to be the best version of own self.

So, whenever faced with ‘comparative syndrome’ I try to be caterpillar, build my cocoon, disconnect with social media and connect with nature to reconnect with myself. I again come out with colors and wings to fly. If you want to compare, compare yourself today with yourself yesterday. How much you have improved, how much you have progressed. What new have you learnt? What new skills you have developed? What bad you have left behind and what good you are trying to sustain. Even the answer to all questions is nothing. Then to it suggests you have tried to be grounded and not lost anywhere.

You are a gift of god to the universe so workout on yourself, brush out the dust, polish and sharpen some angles to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU. This is the best thing you can do spiritually even.

I am also thankful to many Instagram artists like you who responds, reply to the questions, guide us by providing guidance, tutorials, points for art supplies and sometimes the wonderful give away above all words of encouragement for art and skill which is a blessing for a budding artist like me. And I feel fortunate for the same. 


  • Julia

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful and important message. God bless you 🙏❤️🌺

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  • Jahnavi

    This made my day. Thanks for writing this :)

  • Yamini

    Thank u for selecting and posting my story…

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