A new friend - by Anushka Khasnobish

This happened a few days ago. Currently I am living in Japan for my studies. Being a foreigner which is apparent from my appearance, I often feel the native people being uncomfortable around me. But I make sure to smile at every stranger of any age that I see because I feel we never know when somebody is in need of a happy vibe. So I was at a grocery shop lining up at the billing counter. In front of me was a mom and her toddler. While the mom was billing, the toddler was facing me and his first reaction was that of fear. He slid close to his mom's legs and was just peeking at me for a while. But I kept smiling at him and waving sometimes. After few peeks, he finally peeked at me and giggled. And he kept on giggling and peeking and smiling until he walked away with his mom waving me bye-bye. That cute toothless giggle just made my day. 


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  • Sravanthi

    When i see your art and quotes makes me feel good and confident.Thankyou for spreading good vibes

  • Yamini

    Very true…I have 1-2 friends made by just such smile while crossing streets…

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